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Since 1928, Yves Charmillot has returned from the Swiss guards of Moutier, from the apprenticeship in the town of Moutier, to the watch industry, becoming a well-known pocket watch manufacturer.

At October, 1948, He founded a watch workshop. is based on their selection of materials, their exclusive designs and their skilful craft of the highest standards.

At the beginning of the1978, the Yves.Charmillot was chosen as a  trademark: it appears in the company logo, serves to guarantee quality in the watches and appears in many unique designs.

Around 1988, Charmillo's grandson Eugene and Frieden, created the first watches designs in 18k gold and started to do business with the top jewellers in Switzerland.

Around 1995,  started to use ROADWIN as a new brand, focusing on luxury watches and jewellery, but focusing on repairing antique watches.

Since 2003, OEM-based processing and assembly of watches, and in 2001, our company moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds,custom-made luxury watches, such as Longines, Tissot, Breitling, DW and Michael Kors, provide customized products.